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West Asheville’s Premier Coworking Space

WestBase is not your average coworking space. We’ve created a unique space where locals will look forward to going on a daily basis, with a modern and comfortable atmosphere.

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meticulously designed for maximum enjoyment with both comfort and productivity in mind.

Members can utilize privacy phone booths, conference rooms, communal desks and lounges, or rent a private office. WestBase offers a variety of memberships to suit your working needs, and is located in Beacham's Curve in West Asheville. We're neighbors with Owl Bakery, Archetype, Pizza Mind, Gan Shan West, and other great local establishments!

Our Story

We decided to start WestBase after being displaced from our downtown office of 12 years. Due to Asheville’s booming tourist industry, we decided to establish our new space outside of downtown where coming and going to work would be easier. We wanted to create a fun and hip space that was for both the community and for us. Why not love where you work? We wanted to create a space that was airy and bright, with nice symmetry and sleek designs. With help from the design company Amsterdam West we’ve achieved our goal.

Our ethos is that happiness stems from well-being and balance. That’s why we we’ve paid attention to the little details you’ll find in our work space. We offer thoughtfully sourced coffee, as well as, health conscious beverages and snacks. We hope our attention to the details will promote a calm inviting work atmosphere for you.

Looking forward to collaborating with you!

Our Team

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Ricardo Rosero

What do you look forward to bringing to Westbase Coworking?

“I’m the founder of an international firm that uses coworking spaces in 7 different countries.  Having worked from each of those spaces I’ve seen different approaches to coworking and hope to bring the best elements from each into our space at WestBase.”

Jessy Martin

What do you look forward to bringing to Westbase Coworking?

“I’m used to working in a small intimate office setting or working from home.  It’s been fun to contribute to the creation of WestBase because we are creating a workspace that the community can enjoy and that we can enjoy ourselves.